Ponies, ponies, ponies

Aliases and Title Changes

Authors and their aliases

Wendy Douthwaite also wrote as Elizabeth Wynne
A D Langholm also wrote as Alan Davidson
Christine Pullein-Thompson also wrote as Christine Keir
Patricia Leitch also wrote as Jane Eliot
K M Peyton also wrote as Kathleen Herald
H M Peel also wrote as Hazel Peel and Hazel M Peel
Marjorie Mary Oliver also wrote as Marjorie Oliver and M M Oliver

Books which have been re-titled

Akrill Caroline:  The Silver Bridle contains the 3 separate stories Make Me a Star, Stars Don’t Cry and Catch a Falling Star
Aldridge, James: A Sporting Proposition became Ride a Wild Pony
Berrisford, Judith M: Jackie’s Pony Camp Summer was reprinted as Jackie and the Pony Camp Summer
Caffrey, Nancy:  Somebody’s Pony was reprinted as Lost Pony
Dickens, Monica:  Cobbler’s Dream = New Arrival at Follyfoot
Douthwaite, Wendy:  All Because of a Polly = Dream Pony
Ferguson, Ruby:  Jill Enjoys Her Ponies = Jill and the Runaway
Ferguson, Ruby:  Pony Jobs for Jill = Challenges for Jill
Ferguson, Ruby:  Jill’s Gymkhana = USA A Horse of Her Own
Leitch, Patricia:  Janet, Young Rider = UK Horse for the Holidays = USA Last Summer to Ride
Leitch Patricia: Fields of Praise = Dream of Fair Horses

Leitch, Patricia: The Special Pony, in USA is The Perfect Horse
Leitch, Patricia:  A Pony to Jump, in USA is Jumping Lessons

Leitch, Patricia: The Stolen Pony, in USA is Mystery Horse

Leitch, Patricia: Pony Puzzle, in USA is Show Jumper Wanted
Leitch, Patricia: The Black Loch = The Horse from Black Loch

Leitch, Patricia: First Pony = Eliot, Jane: First Pony

Leitch, Patricia: Afraid to Ride = Eliot, Jane: Afraid to Ride

Leitch, Patricia: Jacky Jumps to the Top = Jump to the Top = Eliot, Jane: Jacky Jumps to the Top
Mitchell, Elyne: Silver Brumby’s Daughter = Snow Filly
Peel, H.M.: Fury, Son of the Wilds = Fury
Peyton, K.M. : The Last Ditch in the United States was published as Free Rein
Pullein-Thompson, Christine:  The Doping Affair was re-titled as The Pony Dopers
Keir, Christine: pseud. For Pullein-Thompson, Christine
The Impossible Horse is found by both authors: it is the same book
Pullein-Thompson, Diana:  Cassidy in Danger = This Pony is Dangerous
Pullein-Thompson, Diana:  The Boy and the Donkey = The Donkey Race
Pullein-Thompson, Josephine:  All Change = The Hidden Horse
Pullein-Thompson, Josephine:  Star-Riders of the Moor = Star Riders