Ponies, ponies, ponies


Crown Pony Library

The titles

6 Pony Pageant

Sylvia Scott-White

7 Pony Sleuths
Elinore Havers

8 Golden Pony  Delphine Ratcliff

9 Clear Round for Katy Delphine Ratcliff

10 Grey Arrow Catherine Carey

11 Pony Watch Elinore Havers

12 The Pink Pony Catherine Carey

13 The Great Pony Mystery

Elinore Havers

14 Show-jumping Summer

Catherine Carey

15 Ponies Across the River

Elinore Havers

16 Because of a Pony

Catherine Carey

17 The Nameless Pony

Catherine Carey

18 A Pony, Doctor’s Orders

Myrtle Green

19 The Merry March Ponies

Elinore Havers

20 The Part-Exchange Pony

Myrtle Green

21 Pony Boy
Hilda Boden

22 Little Grey Pony Hilda Boden

In the Crown Pony Library but with no number I can find:
Gem the Life of a Wild Pony: Butch Reynolds

1 Dream Pony

Elinore Havers

2 Gay and the Ponies Elinore Havers

3 A Pony to Catch Elinore Havers

4 Pony Girl
Hilda Boden

5 Only One Pony Elinore Havers

There have been several publishers who have created collections of pony fiction by different authors. One of the earliest of these was the Crown Pony Lilbrary, which was created by the Lutterworth Press. It hasn’t been particularly easy to come up with a definitive list of titles: Lutterworth published titles in various libraries (the Dominion Library was another) and it isn’t straightforward working out in what edition a title first appeared, or if it was in the Crown Pony Library when it did. As far as I can see, most titles were published between the mid 1960s and 1970s. The numbering doesn’t seem particularly consistent; Pony Girl being listed both as Number 4 and Number 21!

The Lutterworth titles were mainly by authors who were mainly in the second rank. The titles are generally good solid reads, but Monica Edwards or Ruby Ferguson they are not.

Many thanks to Hannah for her help with nos 8, 15 and 19, and with the excellent supply of photographs. Thanks too to Vicki for nos 6, 8, 11 and 13, James for 17, Susan for 12 and Claire for 14 and 22. And for the paperbacks many thanks to Gillian, Susanna and Helen.