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Like the UK and America, Australia has produced its share of fine pony book writing. The best known author outside (and probably inside) Australia is Elyne Mitchell, whose Silver Brumby series is still sought after throughout the English speaking world.

Many Australian pony books are set in the outbacfk and on large sheep stations. For reasons of geography, the gymkhana would have been difficult so these stories (Anne Farrell’s Gift Wrapped Pony, and Joan Phipson’s Boundary Riders amongst others) are about life on ponies at home; but then home covered several thousand acres. Below is a listing of authors from Australia and New Zealand: If you have information about the authors, or photographs of their books, or suggestions of other authors who could be included, I’d love to hear from you.

I am indebted to AustLit, the Australian Literature Resource, for much of the information in this section, and to Hannah Fleetwood for many of the pictures. Danyele Foster has also done a sterling job filling in gaps in bibliographical information, pictures and blurbs, and Cherie Goninon is always very generous in sending over pictures of things I don’t have.

It’s expensive importing books from the UK and USA: if you’re based in Australia or New Zealand, then try Equitainment, an Australian based company which has a wide range of secondhand horse books.

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