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There doesn’t seem to be much information out there on this author. She might have been born in 1932: all I do know is that she wrote books with a Christian slant which were published both in Australia and London. Her first horse book, Jean’s Black Diamond, was written when she was fifteen. The book won second prize in the CSSM Literature Competition.

Finding the books: all are reasonably easy to find.

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Jean’s Black Diamond: a Story of Australia
Children’s Special Service Mission, London, 1951

Set in inland Australia, this is the story of Jean, who meets and then masters a beautiful black
mare. However, underlyng the happy family life on Brownley farm is a vital secret, the working
out of which “shows how Christian virtues are worked out in everyday life.”


Son of Diamond: a Story of Australia
Children’s Special Service Mission, London, 1952

Deborah Bennett

Susan’s Conquest
Children’s Special Service Mission, London, 1956, illus L F Lupton

Susan lives in Sydney, with her ill mother. Her father has left and moved to Canada. Susan is
being sent to stay with her mother’s cousin, where she will be able to ride and paint. The three
boys who live there, though, are hostile. Susan falls for a grey horse, Stardust, but isn’t allowed
to ride him. She has to ride Derry. She manages to makes friends with some local girls, but still
can’t forget the horse she isn’t allowed to ride: Stardust.

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