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Trudy is a photographer and author. She has written eight books, two non fiction titles on horses and dogs, and a series of six books (thus far) - the White Cloud Station series. Trudy Nicholson lives in Tasman Bay with her horse and dog.

Finding the books: all the books are in print. The first three are reasonably easy to find in the UK (though not necessarily secondhand). The last three titles don’t appear to be available in the UK yet.

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Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station

Penguin, Rosedale, 2009, 153 pp.

There’s a round up and auction each year at White Cloud Station, and Suzy and her two best
friends, Lucy and Alexa, are there. They’re desperate for horses of their own: but Suzy’s forbidden,
because she’s allergic to horses. But Suzy falls in love with a curly-coated horse and she wants
to buy it. As is the way with sales, things don’t go to plan: there’s another bidder, and the horse
is sold to them.

Summer with Horses
Penguin, London, 2009, 130 pp.

Suzy, Lucy and Alexa are spending their summer holidays at the beach, with their horses. But
when everything almost goes disastrously wrong, the girls find a new friend, and Suzy gets the
chance to visit White Cloud Station again.

Trudy Nicholson

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A Way with Horses -  Understanding the Horse and Human Relationships

Riding High at White Cloud Station
Penguin, New Zealand, 2010, 156 pp.

Suzy has promised Alexa and Lucy that she will show them the secret herd of curly-coated
horses who live in the mountains near White Cloud Station. Then there is a terrible accident:
and one of the girl’s eventing ambitions are ruined. Will the White Cloud Flyers be able to pull
through and win the coveted trophy?

Autumn with Horses
Penguin, New Zealand, 2010, 156 pp.

The girls are going to compete at the National Grand Champion Show. An unexpected winner
takes out the Supreme Champion Show Horse award. When they get back to White Cloud
Station they go on a mystery ride, which becomes even more of a mystery when they take a
wrong turn. They have an overnight stay at a haunted house where Suzy finds out something
about the secret secret herd of horses.

Horse Magic
Penguin, New Zealand, 2010, 156 pp.

Suzy and Alexa go back to Jasmine Farm, but Lucy and Hope have to stay at White Cloud Station
to recover from the accident that ended their summer holiday. Grandad has a plan for Hope that
will enable Lucy to ride her again.

Wild Horse Country
Penguin, New  Zealand, 2010, 156 pp.

There’s a round-up at White Cloud Station and Suzy and her friends Alexa and Lucy are going
to take part. But unfortunately, Alexa has other plans. It’s more important to her to win her father’s
approval, but the way she chooses to do it may cost all of the girls dear.

White Cloud Station

Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station
Summer with Horses
Riding High at White Cloud Station
Autumn with Horses
Horse Magic

Wild Horse Country