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Griselda Gifford

Cass the Brave
Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1980, illus Mary Rayner
Puffin, pb, 1980

Cass and her twin sister Carrie leave London for the country where their father has become Vicar
of an ancient church. On her first evening there, Cass picks a leaf from St Govan’s fig tree despite
a warning prophecy that “he who picks a leaf will need a hearse”. Soon her time is fully occupied
with choir practices, a visit from the Bishop, adjusting to life with a new stepmother, coping with
the lodgers and even a haunting! She makes a new friend, too, a strange boy called Matt who
owns an old, white horse. But at the back of her mind, the threat of the fig tree is constantly
present ...

Silver’s Day
Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1980, illus Mary Rayner, 91pp.

Cass makes friends with Flora at the beginning of the school term, even though everyone else laughs at her
because she looks odd.  Flora has an unexpected talent with horses, and helps Cass to train Silver for the
show.  There are several mysteries and problems to be solved along the way.

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