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D Glyn-Forest

Gipsy’s Way

A & C Black, London, 1939, 216 pp.  Illus Cecil G  Trew

Felicity has a grey Welsh Mountain pony, Topsy.  Deva, a gipsy boy, rescues Topsy when her field floods, and
Felicity wants to reward him and get to know him better.  Deva however was intending to steal Topsy, so doesn’t
think he deserves any reward.  Time passes: Felicity and her cousin Raymond ride in a pageant, and then they
meet Deva and his family and buy a skewbald from them.  Deva, it appears, is caught red-handed trying to steal
the pony (Gipsy) back, and is to be sent to a remand home.  Felicity decides she must bail him out of the home
by selling Gipsy.

Martello Tower

Frederick Warne, London, 1949, 253 pp.

A story in two halves, the first being a conventional adventure story, and the second introducing elements of
Pony Club.

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Elmwood Hall

E O Beck, London, 1956, 206 pp.  Illus Cavesson

“Terence and Bridget love riding, but have only one pony between them.  Then a new riding school opens
and they have many adventures gathering together a string of ponies and children to start off the school.
One of the ponies is circus trained, and two of the children are wonderful acrobats which helps them all
put on a circus to raise funds.


During wartime, and until rationing ended, magazines no longer appeared as monthly issues. Riding Magazine used various methods of dating magazines; hence “Spring” and “March-April”, covering different periods depending on the paper supply at the time.

The Red Ribbon
Riding Magazine, March 1937

More About Merrylegs in Wartime

Riding Magazine, Spring 1942, illus Cavesson

Odd Couple

Riding Magazine, July-August 1947, illus Cavesson

Susan to the Rescue

Riding Magazine, March-April 1948, illus Cavesson

Merrylegs and the Moose

Riding Magazine, May/June, 1949, illus Cavesson

Bunty and Angus

Pony Magazine, serial (August 1952 - January 1953?), illus Cavesson

Strange Welcome
Riding Magazine, December 1951

Seeing is Believing

Percy’s Pony Annual, 1953, illus Cavesson

Top Speed
Riding Magazine, May 1953, illus Cavesson