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Peggie Cannam

Black Fury

Lutterworrth, London, 1953, 153 pp.

Whittlesey House, New York, 1956, 180 pp, illus Wesley Dennis

Published in Three Great Horse Stories, Whittlesey House, New York, 1955
with Mildred Mastin Pace’s Old Bones the Wonder Horse & Henry V Larom’s Mountain Pony
and the Pinto Colt

Shillagh was shut up because she was so wild, but Nick and she found a new future together.

Musical Ride

Lutterworth, London, 1958, 151 pp. Cover illus Sheila Rose

They ride at Gerry’s school and she loves it; that is until the Head Mistress decides to employ a proper
riding teacher, rather than letting the older pupils teach. The new  teacher is very strange: she doesn’t appear
to know much about horses, and she certainly doesn’t like the girls. Is there more to her than it seems?

She Wanted a Pony

Museum Press, London, 1951, 240 pp.

Andrew  Dakers (date difficult to trace: possibly 1958)

Many thanks to Amanda Dolby for the photographs.

Ruth Fraser-Philpotts is the daughter of rich parents, who move to the country because it’s
what their rich friends do, and has a pony, Socks, bought for her. Pat Simkins goes to the same
school as Ruth. They don’t like each other,but Ruth offers to have Pat and her ponies, about to be
made homeless, to stay for the holidays. They meet Monica Fletcher, and she falls for Socks
and decides to buy him.

Riding for Ridge Abbey

Lutterworth, London, 1954, 143 pp, illus Bowe

Ridge Abbey School wants to win the Heal-Westway Cup again but Miss Pattycott’s Academy of
Riding is competing too. Julie is a favourite for the team until she lames her pony, and then Penny
and the stubborn Boxer are the only ones who can win the cup for the school.

Hoof Beats (Reminiscences, with photographs and portraits)

Phoenix House, London, 1955, 160 pp.

Children’s Book Club, 1955

This is the true story of four friends - two girls, Peggie and Tim, and their two ponies, Firefly
and Sherry.  At first they shared Peggie's pony. When they only had Firefly, one of the girls had
to accompany the other on a bicycle when they went riding, but at last they got Sherry and their
adventures took on a different cast. They started a pony club called the 'Stirrup', produced several
gymkhanas and had a club photograph taken.  They also rode, hunted and camped.

Triple Bar

Lutterworth Press, London, 1956, 179 pp, illus Geoffrey Whittam

Cobber belonged to Lida from the time he was born. His mother was a famous show jumper and Lida trained
Cobber as a show jumper too.  Then Lida rode him, disastrously, in a gymkhana, and they were parted.  Cobber
did become a successful show jumper until he was lamed and had to be sold and so went down in the world. It
looked as if he might end up at the knacker's; but found a new life with a kind old man and a travelling show.

Corn and Carrot Tops: The Autobiography of a Pony as told to Peggie Cannam

Epworth Press, London, 1960, 146 pp, illus Nina Scott Langley

Many thanks to Amanda Dolby for the picture.

A pony tells his own story of his decision to visit London.

Die geheimnisvolle Reiterin (Ghost Rider)

Stabenfeldt, 2003

Jag vill bara ha Rosie ( I Just Want Rosie)

Stabenfeldt, 1995

Das rätselhafte Pony  (The Mysterious Pony)

Stabenfeldt, 1999

Non fiction:


Arco, London, 1964.

Das Pferd vom Trödler (Secondhand Horse)

Stabenfeldt, 1994