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Susannah Sarah Bowes-Lyon (1920-2002) is best known for her Horsemanship as it is Today.  This facsimile of her own production was reprinted many times, and appeared again in the 1970s in another facsimile edition.  It is by far the best of her books, having a directness and freshness many non fiction equine tomes lack.

Harum-Scarum is not a bad book:  it is a tragedy, and the emotional storms show its author’s youth.

Finding the books: Horsemanship and Harum-Scarum are very easy to find.  You Were There is slightly less  so.  

Sarah Bowes-Lyon

Horsemanship as it is Today

J M Dent & Son, London, 1933, 93 pp.

EP Dutton & Co, New York, 1934

Dent, London, 1977, 94 pp. Facsimile reprint of original

Non  fiction, this is a treatise on how to care for your pony, written and illustrated by the
author and printed in facsimile form.

Bibliography - pony books only

Harum-Scarum, the Life Story of a Horse

J M Dent & Sons, London, 1934, 62 pp. Illus the author

A review of the book

This book tells the story of Harum-Scarum. He becomes the mount of a soldier, but is left
behind when his owner is posted to Egypt. Eventually Harum-Scarum and Joe are reunited
and Harum-Scarum goes back to Egypt with him, but tragedy awaits.

You Were There

Hutchinson, London, 1938, 143 pp, illus the author

(A collection of short stories and sketches by the author)