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Mark Percy Crozier and Margaret Bruce wrote several children’s books together, of which one, Pony Tale, is a pony story.

Finding the book:  very difficult to find indeed.

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M Percy Crozier & Margaret Bruce

Pony Tale

McDougall, Edinburgh, 1950, 102 pp. Illus Christine Ross

Ann loves horses, but does not have the money to ride. She faithfully watches the riding school
next door, from her side of the fence. The riders and workers are friendly towards her-all but the
rich and spoiled Monica. One day when Ann manages to catch Tempest, a difficult pony that no
one can handle, the owner of the stable gives him to Ann, and also hires her as a stable girl.
Monica is resentful of Ann’s sudden status change at the stable, and doesn’t stop at anything
to beat Ann in competitions, which lands Ann in the hospital, seriously injured. Monica shows
no remorse, but the good-natured Ann is determined to make friends with the difficult girl.

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