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Thus far, I haven’t found any biographical information about this Italian author at all. Besides The Prairie Rebels, he/she also wrote The Far West, a story of the opening up of the American Far West. The original printing of The Prairie Rebels, I ribelli della prateria, won the Premio Castello.

Finding the book: there aren’t a lot of copies of either title about, but what there are are reasonably affordable.

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Right - contemporary advertisement, Pony Magazine December 1959

Pacifico Fiori

The Prairie Rebels

Originally published as I ribelli della prateria, Societa Editrice Internazionale, Turin, 1955

University of London Press, 1959, illus Q Nadir. Trans H E Scott. 128 pp. (right)

American edition: The Wild Horses of Tuscany

Franklin Watts, New York, 1960, 128 pp.

Set in Central Italy, this is the story of three boys and their adventures with three wild foals.
Pippo, Vanni, and Bicci are rebels - boys who are as hostile to discipline as the wild horses
which are broken in on their farm in Central Italy.

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The Far West

Originally published as La Storia del far west, Signorelli, Milan, 1951. Illus Beniamino Bodini

Rylee Ltd, London, 1969, translated by Susan Cannata

A story set during the opening up of the Far West.