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Che Golden

Che Golden worked in IT journalism in Northern Ireland before deciding to give it up to concentrate on writing fiction. She did a Masters in writing for children and young people at the University of Bath, and she is now writing the Meadow Vale Ponies series for OUP. The series is based on a wicked pony Che Golden took on for her daughter. Brie. Brie was an experience:

“... although she was probably the worst pony ever, she made us laugh every day and she can never be replaced. Because she was also big hearted, loyal, intelligent and very, very brave.  There will never be another Brie for us.”

She shares her love of riding with her daughter, and they have two ponies: a Dartmoor and a Highland.

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Che Golden on OUP

Mulbery and the Summer Show

OUP, Oxford, 2013, 179 pp, illus Thomas Docherty

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Sam is scared of riding: the only horse she’s comfortable with is her mother’s gentle cob Velvet. But it’s time
for Sam to learn to ride ponies at the yard where her mum and sister ride. Sam’s elder sister is a brilliant rider,
and Sam wants so much to follow in her footsteps. But her first lesson is a disaster. Help is on hand from an
unexpected quarter: it turns out the Shetlands can talk. They don’t like the yard bully, Cecilia, any more than
Sam does, and hatch a plan for Sam to show the yard owner what she’s made of, and at the same time do
Cecilia down. Unfortunately this plan involves Sam riding the yard’s nightmare pony: Mulberry. And Mulberry’s
the one pony who won’t talk to Sam.

Bibliography - pony books only

Meadow Vale Ponies
Mulberry and the Summer Show

Mulberry for Sale

Mulberry in Danger!

Mulberry Gets up to Mischief

(NB: only the first two titles published as yet.)

The Unicorn Hunter

OUP, Oxford, 2013

Second in the Blarney trilogy (the first is The Feral Child). Life is filled with fear for the inhabitants of Blarney,
because the faeries of Tír na nÓg are right their on their doorstep, and are perfectly capable of unleashing terror any
time they choose. Eleven year old Maddy though,  is not afraid. There is a key to balance and harmony in the two
worlds, and it’s a unicorn. But the unicorn is injured, and Maddy is the only one who can track down the thing that
injured her.

British Pony Books Home

Mulbery for Sale

OUP, Oxford, 2013, 192 pp, illus Thomas Docherty

‘Sam is broken-hearted when she hears her favourite pony Mulberry is going to be sold. But Mulberry has decided to
be very fussy about the home she goes to and sets about causing some serious mischief! Sam is the only rider who
can really talk to Mulberry, and the only one prepared to listen. They want to stay together but is their special bond
strong enough to persuade Sam's mum to buy the naughtiest pony at Meadow Vale Stables?’

Mulbery to the Rescue

OUP, Oxford, 2014, 192 pp, illus Thomas Docherty

Mulberry’s been stolen, and not only her: Velvet and Lucy are missing to. Mulberry, a cut above other equines when
it come to intelligence, manages to escape, but will she and Sam be able to rescue Velvet and Lucy, and the other
animals being kept on the rundown farm they’ve been taken to before it’s too late?