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Gaby Goldsack

A writer of board and picture books for young children:  she has written several titles which involve ponies. I haven’t as yet been able to find any biographical information on her. If you can help, please contact me.

Finding the books: all readily available secondhand.

Bibliography - pony books only

My Perfect Pony

Parragon Books, 2006, 24 pp. Comes with charm in front pocket.

Read a review of the book here.

This is the story of Pepper the pony and his owner Lucy. There is a strand of
modern children's literature which wants you to feel better about yourself. This
one aims to bolster the self esteem of its infant reader by showing that it does
not matter if you, the pony, are short and fat, and you can't jump, show or do
gymkhana games often. What matters is that you don't throw a wobbly if you
go past geese, or wave your hindleg at your child owner.

Frisky Filly
Reader’s Digest Children’s Books, 1999

Dapple Grey
Reader’s Digest Children’s Books, 1999

Bronco Bay
Reader’s Digest Children’s Books, 1999

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