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Peter Clover

Peter Clover was born in London in 1952.  His first book was Drawing Horses and Ponies, and the first pony book he illustrated was Christine Pullein-Thompson’s The Best Pony for Me!  He is best known for writing the Sheltie series, which is aimed at young readers.  There have been American authors who have written for this age group before (C W Anderson’s Billy and Blaze is a particularly good example), but Peter Clover is one of the first British authors to do so.  The Sheltie series, about Sheltie the Shetland pony and his owner Emma now runs to 24 titles.  Many of them are still in print, and the earlier titles have gone into further editions.

Peter Clover has also written a series on donkeys (which is a rarity these days:  donkey stories have never been thick on the ground) as well as the Rescue Riders series, again for the younger reader.

Links & Sources:
Penguin Books’ page on Peter Clover

The Sheltie Series

1  Sheltie the Shetland Pony, 1996
2  Sheltie Saves the Day, 1996
3  Sheltie and the Runaway, 1996
4  Sheltie Finds a Friend, 1996
5  Sheltie to the Rescue, 1997
6  Sheltie in Danger, 1997
7  Sheltie Rides to Win, 1998
8  Sheltie and the Saddle Mystery, 1998
9  Sheltie Leads the Way, 1998
10  Sheltie The Hero, 1998
11  Sheltie in Trouble, 1998
12  Sheltie and the Stray, 1998
13 Sheltie and the Snow Pony, 1999
14  Sheltie on Parade, 1999
15  Sheltie For Ever, 1999
16  Sheltie on Patrol, 1999
17  Sheltie Goes to School, 1999
18  Sheltie Gallops Ahead, 1999
19  Sheltie in Double Trouble, 1999
20 Sheltie in Peril, 2000
21  Sheltie by the Sea, 2000
22  Sheltie and the Foal, 2000
23  Sheltie Races On, 2000
24  Sheltie at the Funfair, 2001

The Big Adventure, 1999
The Big Present, 1999
The Big Show, 1999
The Big Surprise, 1999
The Big Wish, 2000

The Big Discovery, 2000

The Donkey Diaries Series

Donkey Danger, 2001
Donkey Disaster, 2001
Donkey Drama, 2001
Donkey in Distress, 2002

The Rescue Riders Series
Race Against Time, 1998
Fire Alert, 1998
Ghost Pony, 1998

Sheltie the Shetland Pony

Penguin, 1996

Puffin Books, 2002

Emma doesn’t want to move to the country, but then
she meets Sheltie and he changes her mind.  They
even manage to solve the mystery of Mr Crock’s
disappearing cabbages.

Sheltie Saves the Day

Penguin, 1996

Sheltie finds a treasure map, which could be the thing they need to

save Horseshoe Pond being sold.  Unfortunately, Emma and Sheltie

aren’t the only ones to be looking for the treasure.

Sheltie and the Runaway

Penguin, 1996

Sheltie and Emma come to the rescue when their friend Sally, and her
pony Minnow, run away.

Sheltie Finds A Friend

Penguin, 1996

Mudlark, a donkey comes to stay, but one morning he disappears.  Will Sheltie and Emma be able to
find Mudlark before his owner comes back?

Sheltie to the Rescue

Penguin, 1997

Emma thinks Summerland Bay will be the best holiday ever, especially as Sheltie is coming too.  However,
Alice Parker is there too, but when she and her pony get into trouble, Sheltie is the only one who can save

Sheltie in Danger

Penguin, 1997

Sheltie saves Emma when she falls through the ice, but his dipping makes him very ill.  Emma is
determined to save Sheltie’s life.

Sheltie Rides to Win

Penguin, 1998

Emma and Sheltie are awaiting Little Applewood’s first Pony Show, but Melody Parker is determined to
win by fair means or foul.  It’s up to Sheltie to show her the error of her ways.

Sheltie and the Saddle Mystery

Penguin, 1998

Saddles have been stolen from the villages around Little Applewood, and Emma hatches a plan to
solve the mystery.

Sheltie Leads the Way

Penguin, 1998

A special pony scavenger hunt has been organised, and Emma is sure she’ll win, but when they’re out on the
moor, a mist comes down and cuts one of the riders, Joanna, off on the moor.

Sheltie the Hero

Penguin, 1998

Everyone’s going away for a weekend break, including Sheltie.  They’re travelling in a horse-drawn
caravan, but lazy Toby, who pulls the caravan, puts the family in danger.

Sheltie in Trouble

Penguin, 1998

Gregory is a holiday visitor to Emma’s village, and at first she’s happy to make friends. Then Gregory
starts to treat Sheltie as his own, and one day Emma catches him riding Sheltie without permission.  Then
Sheltie disappears....

Sheltie and the Stray

Penguin, 1998

Emma and Sheltie want the stray dog to stay, but then he disappears. Emma decides she simply has to find
him, but her search leads her into trouble.  Sheltie is the only one who knows where she is.

Sheltie and the Snow Pony

Penguin, 1999

Emma and Sheltie find a very thin pony tethered in the snow and left to fend for himself.  It’s up to Emma
and Sheltie to come to the rescue.

Sheltie on Parade

Penguin, 1999

Sheltie For Ever

Penguin, 1999

Many yeras ago, there was a chalk pony cut out of Barrow Hill, and Sheltie and Emma want to find it before
a bypass is built over the hill.

Sheltie on Patrol

Penguin, 1999

A prize pig has been stolen, and if Emma and Sheltie can find it, the reward money will pay for a new bridle.

Sheltie Goes to School

Penguin, 1999

Sheltie is giving pony rides at Emma’s school fete, but he develops a great interest in the caretaker’s shed.

Sheltie Gallops Ahead

Penguin, 1999

Emma and Sally are practising for a cross country competition.

Sheltie in Double Trouble

Penguin, 1999

Sheltie has a double.... Topper.  Only Emma can tell them apart, and then Topper’s owner takes
Sheltie by mistake.  Emma has to find him before she loses him for ever.

Sheltie in Peril

Penguin, 2000

Sheltie has a terrible accident, and the vet thinks he will never walk again.  Emma is determined to get him
back to normal.

Sheltie By The Sea

Penguin, 2000

Emma is looking forward to a holiday in Clifftop Cottage at Summerland Bay, but instead they have to stay at
The Golden Anchor. Sheltie's friend Mary, who runs an animal hospital, is pleased to see them but she is having
financial problems and the hospital needs repairing.

Sheltie and the Foal

Penguin, 2000

Sheltie at the Funfair

Penguin, 2001

A funfair is coming to Little Applewood, but when it arrives, someone sets out to try and ruin the rides.  Only
Emma and Sheltie can save the day.

Sheltie Races On

Penguin, 2000

Emma has been training Sheltie for a carriage race, but when the driver of the carriage has an accident and

can’t continue, Emma decides to learn to drive herself.

Rabbits Galore

Puffin Books, 1999 (small, pocket-sized book)

Cosmo the magician comes to visit Little Applewood. Then all the rabbits escape, but luckily Sheltie knows
what to do.

Sheltie, the Star of the Show

Puffin Books, 1999 (small, pocket-sized book)

Originally published in Sheltie, The Big Present

Sheltie is a star in Cinderella, the school pantomime.

Phantom Pony

Corgi Children’s, London, 1999

The blurb:
When Alice moves into her new home, a farm high up in the moors, she dreams of having a pony of her very

own. Then she discovers a little stable, and Bella - a very unusual pony. For Bella is a ghost - a phantom


Donkey Danger

Oxford, 2001, illus Carolyn Dinan, cover Chris Chapman

Danni and Shadow, her racing donkey are doing  a point to point to raise money for the donkey sanctuary, but
everywhere they go they hear tales of a mysterious man who’s been buying donkeys and taking them off to
his donkey retirement home.  Danni is suspicious...

Donkey Disaster

Oxford, 2001. Illus Carolyn Dinan, cover Chris Chapman

Robyn and her mum are the first paying guests at Whistlewind Farm.  Robyn is delighted to help Danni and
Tim look after all the donkeys, but her mum is not so keen.  When Robyn’s mum learns of plans to build a
factoryo next to the donkey sanctuary, she takes matters into her own hands, and nothing will stop her in
her quest to save the donkeys.

Donkey Drama

Oxford, 2001, illus Carolyn Dinan, cover Chris Chapman

Donkey in Distress

Oxford, 2002, illus Carolyn Dinan, cover Chris Chapman

Fire Alert

Hodder Children’s Books, 1998, illus Shelagh McNicholas

Pollinger in Print, 2007

There is a new girl at the stables:  Charlotte is jealous of her and decides to ignore her.  Then Charlotte’s pony

manages to start a fire, and the new girl proves her worth.

Ghost Pony

Hodder Children’s Books, 1998, illus Shelagh McNicholas

Pollinger in Print, 2007

There are reports of a phantom pony being seen on the moors, so Hannah and her friends Charlotte and Jade

go out on a ghost hunt.  When they investigate, they discover a real, frightened pony, turned loose by his

heartless owner.

Race Against Time

Hodder Children’s Books, 1998, illus Shelagh McNicholas

Pollinger in Print, 2007

Hannah is on a special activity holiday with her family, but disaster strikes when her stepfather’s canoe

capsizes and he is knocked unconscious.  Hannah has to try and ride for rescue in terrible weather, on a pony

she isn’t used to.

Other books

Storm Pony

Corgi, Young Corgi Books, London, 2000, illus Robert Lawrie

Heather’s grandfather signals to her every day from the lighthouse where he lives.  One day, he doesn’t signal.
Heather is sure there is something wrong, and the only way to reach her grandfather is to ride her pony Caspar
across the stretch of sand between the mainland and the lighthouse before the tide catches them.   

Drawing Horses and Ponies, 1994
Numerous Sheltie specials

Oscar’s New Friends (Little Bridge Farm series)
Scholastic, 2007

Oscar says good bye to life at the city stables, and hello to life on the farm, but he finds it difficult at first: the

other animals don’t seem very friendly.