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Writing, Press and Media Coverage

I’ve been featured, interviewed or mentioned, in the following:

Horse & Rider Magazine, September 2013, Interview - A Passion for Pony Books

Interviewed by Miriam Bibby, History on Horseback, August 2013

Featured in PONY Magazine, February 2012, in the Need to Know  Section

Interviewed by Margaret Powling for Period Ideas, February 2012, for her piece on Children’s Books.

My blog piece on Amazon’s Price Parity Policy appeared in The Guardian’s Best of the Web section, March 31st, 2010

Interviewed by Cassandra Jardine about pony books, 2009, and quoted in her piece on Pippa Funnell in  the Saturday Telegraph

Appeared in Radio 4’s Saturday Live, 10th May 2008, talking about the wonders of the hardback book

Interviewed for Horse Magazine, 6 Dec-2 Jan 2008:  Between the Lines:  Why Pony Books are Back in Vogue, which also featured my piece How to Write a Pony Book.  

The Daily Telegraph, 16 July 2007 - interviewed by Susanna Forrest for Why Girls Still Sign Up for the Pony Club

Country Living, September 2006

Published work

Heroines on Horseback, Girls Gone By, 2013

Heroines on Horseback looks at the pony book from its beginnings to the glory days of the forties and fifties, and beyond.

Some reviews:

“Jane Badger has given horse and pony stories the serious consideration they deserve. A huge amount of research and editing must have gone into this book. I loved reading it and I've learned a lot. The most exciting thing is that there's a whole world of pony stories out there waiting to be discovered, and the most depressing thing is that (as a pony book author) I've now realised it's almost impossible to think up a completely original plot involving horses and ponies! Victoria Eveleigh, author

It's written in an engaging (and perfectly edited - not a typo to be found in the whole book) way, with a combination of just enough academic rigour to satisfy the serious reader and personal notes to satisfy the more general fan.   Liz Broomfield

“Jane Badger's appraisals are spot-on and she succeeds brilliantly in making what could have been a very dry read into an entertaining as well as informative one. Nogginthenog, Amazon

“”This wonderful book brought back many, many happy memories for me. And suggested some authors that I had missed ... Highly recommended!! Cole Thornton, Amazon Top 1000 reviewer

And also

Ten of the Best Horse & Pony Books, Books for Keeps, January 2012

The Peculiarities of Child Growth in Chatton, Folly Christmas Special, 2009

Introduction for reprint of Six Ponies, Josephine Pullein-Thompson, Fidra Books, 2007

Introduction for reprint of Silver Snaffles, Primrose Cumming, Fidra Books, 2007

How to Write a Pony Book, Folly Magazine, Summer 2004

Thank you very much to Horse & Rider and PONY Magazine for featuring me.