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Reviews for Heroines on Horseback

I wanted to let you know I received your book in this afternoon's mail (as I was pulling into my driveway) and have been sitting in my car, engrossed in it for almost an hour. It’s such an enjoyable read I probably would have still been out there if it wasn’t so hot outside!” Agnes Ungarsky

“...this is a fabulous book, which takes you at a brisk canter through the history of the pony book from Black Beauty(not, it turns out the first in the genre, but the best known) through to modern fiction. Jane Badger's appraisals are spot-on and she succeeds brilliantly in making what could have been a very dry read into an entertaining as well as informative one - and it was lovely to see the cover artists and illustrators getting a mention as well.” Nogginthenog, Amazon

“This is an enjoyable account of the pony book. I'm a newcomer to the genre and the author does a really good job of explaining what's interesting about specific authors and specific books. I really loved this - I was expecting more of an encylopeadia and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she'd chosen to focus on a few authors representative of the genre at different times. It made for a very long to-read list!   Ruby Scarlett, Goodreads

“Well worth buying - it brings out your forgotten passion for these books.” Karen Tunley, Waterstones

[Jane Badger] hasn’t set out to write academically on the subject; nevertheless the book is rigorously organised, based on wide knowledge and research, and includes some trenchant criticism.... I can’t think of a topic Jane hasn’t covered. Heroines on Horseback, subtitled The Pony Book in Children’s Fiction, is as enjoyable to read as a good pony story and would appeal to anyone interested in children’s books. I heartily recommend it.”  Life Must be Filled Up

If you remember the pony books of your childhood, buy this book. It's a must. It's the definitive reference guide and will make you look on some of the books you read as a child and vaguely remember with more knowing adult eyes. It may make you want to start collecting pony books all over again, chasing down that elusive out-of-print book to make up the final book in a series.” Sabrina, Amazon

 “I used to ride as child - gave up because I was embarrassed (as you are at that age) about being the only boy riding with girls. And so I put all my interest into books about horses. This wonderful book brought back many, many happy memories for me. And suggested some authors that I had missed - so some shopping has to be done!!” Cole Thornton, Amazon


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