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Mary Ellen Lang-Collura

Mary Ellen Lang Collura (1949 - ) is a Canadian author. Her first young adult novel, Winners, was short listed for the Canada Council Award. Mary Ellen Lang Collura grew up in Vancouver, and has worked as a teacher. When she was writing Sunny, she was living in British Columbia. She has written another book, Dreams, but I am not sure whether or not this was a horse book.

Finding the books: Winners was published in the UK (in hardback as Jordy, and in paperback as Winners) and is easy to find here. Sunny is more easily obtainable in the USA; both titles are very easy to find there.

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Western Producer Prairie Books 1984, cover art by Oni (left)

UK: as Jordy, Spindlewood, 120 pp, 1988 (right)

UK: as Winners, Canongate Kelpie, Edinburgh, 179 pp, 1990


Eleven foster homes in eight years, and moving again. 15 year old Jordy
Threebears is returning to the Ash Creek Reserve to live with a grandfather he
hardly knows. For Jordy, the years of resentment and anger prove difficult to
overcome, until he receives the gift of a wild mare. With his horse Siksika, Jordy
 gains a companion as well as the determination to beat the odds.


*Note: Winners was published as Winners and as Jordy in the UK, and as Siksika in Germany


Irwin Publishing 1988 (trade size pb), cover art by Elaine Macpherson

General Paperbacks 1991

Sunny is injured in a race, and is rehabilitated by high school student Sophie, her
brother, Mike, and their older friend, Olga, a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust. Sunny’s
owner, impressed with the horse’s jump record, puts him under professional training.
Will Sunny continue to win without Sophie and Mike to encourage him?”

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