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Thelma Harrington Bell

A Dash of Pepper

Viking 1965 New York, illus Corydon Bell

Clyde desperately wanted the beautiful horse Pepper, who was for sale, but he has no money,
and his parents, for a reason he does not understand, will not let him have a horse of his own.
The family doctor tells Clyde the reason: his elder sister was killed in an accident with a horse
when she was six.  Dr Wilkins promises Clyde he will see what he can do to sort out Clyde’s

Thelma Harrington Bell was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1896. She married Corydon Bell in 1921, and wrote several children’s books with him. A Dash of Pepper, is, as far as I know, the only horse book. Thelma Harrington Bell started her career as a copywriter, but worked as a freelance writer until her death in 1963.

Finding the book: A Dash of Pepper had no UK publication. The book is easy and cheap to find in the USA, as long as you do not mind an ex-library copy.

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Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau for all her help with the book and its contents.

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