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Theodore J Waldeck

The Golden Stallion

The Viking Press, New York, 1947, 199pp. Illus Wesley Dennis

Bob lives for the day when he finally gets a horse of his own. The Golden Stallion leads a herd of
wild horses, and Bob sets his heart on the horse. His father helps him, and eventually they capture
the horse, and try to tame him. Although the horse (Golden Blaze) isn’t entirely happy in captivity,
he is loyal, and saves Bob’s life when he is attacked. In return, Bob gives the horse what he most

Theodore J Waldeck was best known as an explorer. At the age of 18, he accompanied the Duke of Mecklenberg on his 1912expedition of East Africa. In 1924, Waldeck returned to Africa. His works reflect his early interest in exploration, being mostly African and South American jungle stories. He wrote (as far as I know) just the one horse story: The Golden Stallion.

Finding the book: the book is reasonably easy to find and not generally too expensive. It wasn’t published in the UK.

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Waldeck: On Safari (1940)

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