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Barbara Campbell

A Girl Called Bob and a Horse Called Yoki

Dial Press, New York, 1982, 167 pp

As Taking Care of Yoki

Harper & Row, New York, 1986, 1982, 167 pp

Scott Foresman, 1993, 167 pp

Nothing is ever simple for Bob, who has her share of problems. She lives in St, Louis, during
WWII. She needs her father’s advice, but he is away fighting in the war. Her friend, Yoki, the
horse who pulls the milk wagon, is about to be sold to the glue factory. She feels she must save
him, even though that would make her a horse thief. Along with her friend, Chuckie, Bob hides
Yoki, and then worries about the consequences.

Barbara Campbell was born in Arkansas. She was a successful journalist, who worked for The New York Times for 13 years, and who was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1969. As far as I know, she has written this single horse book, which I think was republished under the title Taking Care of Yoki; it might well be that this is a separate title, but I think it is not.

Finding the book: reasonably easy to find. It was not printed in the UK.

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