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Matt Christopher

Devil Pony

Little, Brown, Boston, 1977, illus Lorence Bjorklund, 103 pp.

Midnight is a Morgan colt, whom Stu was promised. But when Stu gets on Midnight for the first
time, Midnight immediately throws him, but allows his cousin, Wilbur to ride him. Other strange
things are happening, like a vase falling and breaking, and a saddle suddenly falling off its rack.
Wilbur believes it is the Bancroft ghost. Stu’s love for Midnight makes him determined to find the
reasons behind these mysterious events.”

Matt Christopher is the American equivalent of Michael Hardcastle; a prolific writer of children’s books based on sport. If you want to read about baseball, Matt Christopher is your man; and indeed if you want to read about the big American sports, he can provide you with a story about it. His first novel, The Lucky Baseball Bat, was written in 1954, based to some extent on his own experiences. He was the eldest of nine children, and said “I've lived through a lot of problems many children live through, and I find these problems excellent examples to include in my books.” Although he’s now “well beyond playing age”, he still watches a lot of sport!

He has written two horse books: Earthquake and Devil Pony.

Finding the book: the books are easy to find in the USA, and were not published in the UK.

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Matt Christopher’s website

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Bibliography - horse books only


Little, Brown, Boston, 1975, 111 pp, illus Ted Lewin

Scholastic, pb, 1975

Greenhaven Press, MI, 1989

Jeff travels through the Adirondack wilderness on his horse Red. He knew the journey would be
dangerous, but then he is trapped by an earthquake.