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Anne Eliot Crompton

The Snow Pony

Henry Holt, New York, 1991, 117 pp

Minstrel Books, 1994, pb, cover Michael Sabanosh

Janet Stone is new in town and lonely. No one wants to be her friend--until she
meets Mr Flower, a hermit. He offers her a job, helping him tame his wild pony,
Pearl, a surprise gift for his adored grandson who will visit in the spring. Janet
knows nothing about horses, but Mr Flower teaches her. But when spring comes,
will Janet lose her beloved pony?

The Rainbow Pony

Minstrel Books, 1995, pb, cover Deb Hoeffner

Alice is best friends with Ginny, but Ginny walks all over her. Alice knows she does, but she
doesn’t like to fight. Then she rescues a pony from the back of an overturned truck, and the
driver gives her the pony there and then. Alice’s father won’t let her keep a pony, so Alice has
to keep it at Ginny’s, and is then faced with having to learn to stand up to Ginny, and her father.

Anne Elliot Crompton has written numerous children’s books, amongst which are these four horse books. Two are about Alice Brown, who is walked all over by her best friend, until she learns to fight her corner.


Finding the books: none of the books were published in the UK. All are easy to find, and cheap, in the USA.

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Biblography - horse books only

The Wildflower Pony
Minstrel Books, 1996, pb

Alice’s pony gives birth to a surprise foal, which won’t go down well with her father, who didn’t
want her to have her first pony. Alice has to keep the new arrival secret at Ginny’s, but she is
struggling for money to keep her ponies.

The Rain-Cloud Pony
Holiday House, New York, 1977, 127 pp, illus Paul Frame

Bantam Books, 1980 pb

“Pat agrees to ride Angel’s pregnant pony Boon wearing Angel’s coat and scarf so that Angel
can see her boyfriend without her parents’ knowledge, but Pat only agrees so that she can take
care of Bonny properly, since she knows that Angel won’t.”

Alice Brown

The Rainbow Pony
The Wildflower Pony