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Jamieson Findlay

The Blue Roan Child

Chicken House, New York, 2004, 252 pp

12 year old Syeira is an orphan, and has grown up in the royal stables of the Hayselean kingdom.
She is very good with horses, and is struck by the three wild horses the king's men have just caught:
a blue roan mare and her two foals. An evil lord steals the foals, and Syeira is able to set the mare
free. She then helps the mare to find the foals. The mare, Arwin, and Syeira are able to communicate,
though wordlessly; it’s done through smells and scent pictures.

Jamieson Findlay was born in 1958 in Canada. He was educated at Queen’s University, Toronto, and has worked as a writer, teacher, and science journalist. In 2001, he was awarded the National Magazine Award Silver Medal for an article in Canadian Geographic. His one book thus far is a well-received fantasy.

Finding the book: the book is easy to find in the USA. It was not printed in the UK.

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