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Troy Nesbit

Troy Nesbit was a pseudonym used by Franklin Folsom. Franklin Folsom graduated from the University of Colorado in 1928, and was a Rhodes Scholar. He became well known for his historical books, and had a particular interest in archaeology. He wrote non fiction titles with his wife, and under his own name wrote over 80 books, including some for children. As well as writing Sand Dune Pony under the name Troy Newbit, he contributed a title to the Fury series, much of which was written by Albert G Miller.

Finding the books: reasonably easy to find. Fury is not particularly common in its UK printing, but is not usually expensive.

Links and sources

Terri A. Wear: Horse Stories, an Annotated Bibliography, Scarecrow Press, 1987

Franklin Folsom: a memoir

Sand Dune Pony

Whitman Pub Co, Racine, 1952, 250 pp, illus Jules Gotleib

Harvey House, 1960

Roberts Rinehart, 1991, 250 pp

Pete comes out to stay with his Uncle for the summer on his Lazy B-5 Ranch in Colorado.
When he arrives he finds that his Uncle has had a run of bad luck.

Bibliography - horse books only

Fury and the Mystery at Trapper’s Hole

Whitman, 1959, illus Paul Frame

Charles Birchall & Sons, London, undated

Joey Newston and his friend Pee WW, together with their horses Fury and Chief, set out to
discover a treasure of buried gold coins from a bank robbery. Then some horse fossils are
discovered, which disrupts their plans somewhat.