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Miriam Pace

Miriam Pace writes romantic novels. This one, from early in her career, is billed as an “Avalon Career Romance”. As far as I know, it’s the only horse story she’s written, and I assume that it’s aimed at adults.

Miriam Pace has now moved on, and is, with the author Jackie Hamilton, the author J M Jeffries, under which name they write romantic comedies and romantic suspense - “they can’t decide if they like killing people more than they like making them laugh.” Miriam Pace loves shoes, amber jewellery and pure-bred cats; the following quote about her from an interview on the Paranormal Romance site makes me rather sad she hasn’t stuck with horses. That would be a book worth reading.

“She has the refinement of a Victorian lady, the intelligence of a Nobel Prize Laureate, and, when the stars are straight and the moon is full, the vocabulary of a truck driver. She has been known to level mountain ranges with the lift of an eyebrow. But friends consider her generous, warm and a closet dominatrix.”

Finding the books: very easy to find, and cheap, in the USA. It was not published in the UK.

Links and sources

An interview with Miriam Pace and Jackie Hamilton

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Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph and information.

That Winning Touch

Avalon Books, 1992, 182 pp

“Liz Stratton wants the opportunity to train Chance Brentwood’s horses for the racing season.
Lately his string of thoroughbreds have had no luck at the track, and Liz is determined to find out
why. Chance accepts Liz’s offer, and becomes interested in her, but Liz is reluctant to become
involved. She’s heard all his lines before, and is frustrated that he doesn’t believe that something
underhanded is going on. The closer she gets to uncovering what’s going on, the more obvious
their dilemma becomes. Until they can trust each other, no one will come out the winner.” 

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