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Jill Pinkwater

Jill Pinkwater has illustrated many books, particularly her husband Daniel’s. She has written a few books herself, of which Cloud Horse is the only book about horses, though despite her career in illustration, she didn’t do the pictures for this book. The story is based on real-life experiences; particularly on Derry, an Icelandic mare, who with her foal, Pferdeleh, lived with Jill and her husband on their farm in upstate New York. The couple are also keen dog owners, and have an Innuit dog. 

Finding the book: easy to find; many copies are ex-library but good copies which haven’t been in a library are readily available. The book wasn’t published in the UK.

Links and sources

A website about Daniel and Jill Pinkwater.
More about Jill and Daniel Pinkwater’s dog.

Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau for all the information in this section.

Cloud Horse

Lothrop, Lee & Shepherd, New York, 1983, 236 pp, illus Irene Brady

A horse of dreams gallops across the Arctic plain. This is a horse of dreams.
The dreamers, Arnora, a Viking girl of the distant past, and Kate, a modern
American, are brought together through the centuries by their love of the
free-spirited horses of Iceland. Arnora dreams of one day sailing to Vinland,
where the sun shines all winter. Kate dreams of strange and wonderful horses
racing across the sky.”

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