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Nan Hayden Agle (1905 - 2006) spent her early years on the family farm, Nancy’s Fancy. Many of the animals there found their way into her later books. She was inspired by a high school English teacher: inspired to aspire, at any rate, as this particular English teacher was so unimpressed with one of Nan’s poems she threw it in the bin. She studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art, but stopped when marriage and children came along. Once the children were old enough to go to school, she resumed her studies.

Her first book, Three Boys and  a Lighthouse, was written in 1951, with a friend, Ellen Wilson. She went on to write over 20 books, two of which have a horse element to them.

Finding the books: both are easy to find.

Links and sources

Obituary, Baltimore Sun

Nan Hayden Agle’s papers are in the de Grummond collection

Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography

Joe Bean

Seabury Press, New York, 1967, 126 pp, illus Velma Ilsley

Mr Tipper takes Joe into the country, where he is introduced to jousting. Through this, Joe finds
something for the old work horse, Marcella, to do in retirement.

Bibliography - horse books only

Kish’s Colt

Seabury Press, New York, 1968, 63pp, illus Allan Eitzen

Kish hopes that Mina’s colt will be a good and hard-working donkey, but unfortunately Arad
is anything but. However, he is the donkey borrowed to carry Jesus into Jerusalem.

Nan Hayden Agle