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Ned Andrews is an author about whom I’ve been able to turn up remarkably little. He wrote one horse book, the ranch-based Little Stranger, which received a decent Kirkus review, which commented on its “sentiment without stickiness”.

Finding the book: not impossible to find; slightly easier in its UK printing.

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Thanks to Lisa Catz for the summary.

Little Stranger, the Story of a Western Pony

William Morrow & Co, 1941, 248 pp, illus the author

Reprint, 1946

G G Harrap, London, 1943, 208 pp (shown)

Kirkus review of the book

Little Stranger is orphaned at four days old. Yaqui Bob, a dishonest worker on the Circle Bar Ranch
finds the colt. Fred raises it, but he’s stolen by Yaqui Bob, who knows the colt is the son of Golden Girl,

a thoroughbred. Fred eventually recovers the colt, and is given him as a reward. The colt grows up,
and Gred trains him so well he wins cowpony races, until once again Yaqui Bob causes trouble.

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