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Patricia Beatty (1922 - ) was brought up near the Quillayute Reservation, where she learned much about their culture and history. Her first book The Indian Canoemaker, 1953, was co-written with her husband John, Professor of History at the University of California Riverside. Together, they wrote eleven books, though Patricia wrote many more under her own steam.

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I Want My Sunday, Stranger!

William Morrow & Company, New York, 1977, 254 pp

Thirteen-year-old orphan, Andrew, has raised his beloved horse, Sunday, from a foal, and now
Sunday is his pride and joy, and the fastest horse in the San Bernardino valley. But when Andrew,
a Mormon, is caught racing him, the Bishop tries to talk Andrew’s uncle into selling Sunday, to take
the temptation away from him. The next morning, Sunday has gone, but he has been stolen. The
boy makes his way east, searching for his horse which has been taken by the Confederates to
use in the Civil War.

Bibliography - horse books only

Eight Mules from Monterrey

William Morrow & Company, New York, 1982, 192 pp

In 1916, Fayette journeys round California with her mother, establishing libraries.


Patricia Beatty