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Jack Bechdolt

Jack Bechdolt (John Ernest Bechdolt, 1884 - 1954) was a prolific writer for children, who wrote around 6,000 short stories for children. He also wrote many children’s books, concentrating on stories for boys like The Modern Handy Book for Boys, and Motion Pictures any Boy can Make. He was versatile; he wrote science fiction, and westerns as well as animal stories, and was a member of the Seattle Cartoonists’ Club. Several of his stories were made into films.

With his second wife, Decie Merwin (an author as well as illustrator in her own right), he collaborated on several books, which he wrote and she illustrated.

Finding the books: Trusty and Horse Stories are both reasonably easy to find. Dulcie can be pricy.

Links and sources

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Dulcie and Her Donkey

EP Dutton & Co, New York, 68pp, illus Decie Merwin

Part of the Dulcie series about a little girl.

Bibliography - horse books only

Trusty, the Story of a Police Horse

Dutton, 1947, illus Decie Merwin

Police horse Trusty is almost ruined by an incident on a city street, but he’s bought for the Mounted
Police, and is able to get over his problem. Eventually he is reunited with Dick and Delia, who used
to own him.

Horse Stories

Simon & Schuster, New York, Little Golden Book, 1950, 126 pp