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Eulalia Bourne

Eulalia Bourne (1895 - 1984) was born in Arizona, where she spent most of her life. After a sketchy education, she became a teacher, but was fired for dancing the “one step” - a step too far for the time. After graduating from the University of Arizona, which took her ten years as she had to work to support herself, she created the magazine The Little Cowpuncher. She wrote four books: three were autobiography, and one was a Western story for children, Blue Colt.

Finding the book: fairly easy to find in its paperback incarnation; the hardback is a bit trickier.

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Bibliography - horse books only

Blue Colt

Northland Press, Arizona, 1979, 103 pp, illus Pam Fullerton

Northland Press, Arizona, pb

Bill leaves his yearling colt when he goes into the Army. While he’s away it’s discovered that the
horse is very fast.