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Elizabeth Burleson wrote two children’s books set in Texas. The other, Middl’un, appears not to be a horse book, but if anyone knows differently do please let me know!

Finding the book: reasonably easy to find, and not expensive.

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Thanks to Lisa Catz for the summary and picture.

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Elizabeth Burleson

A Man of the Family

Follett Publishing Co, Chicago, 1965, 189 pp

Speck is 13, and keen to prove he’s on the way to becoming a man. On a Texas ranch, the work
 is hard, as Speck learns when he  tries to corral the stallion, Big Red, and accidentally lets the
other horses get away. It becomes his job to bring them back himself. When his older brother is
thrown from a horse and seriously hurt, Speck’s workload increases. But along with his new
adventures comes the downside of learning to be a man - learning about mortgages, droughts,
floods, and the other serious problems of the ranch that he had previously been sheltered from.