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Babbis Friis Baastad (1921 - 1970) was a Norwegian author, born Ellinor Margrethe Blauenfeldt. She wrote eight books, centering on the themes of rejection, and caring for those who are different. She won the Damm prize for Kjersti (1962), and also for Wanted! A Horse! There is a sequel to Wanted! A Horse!, which I believe is Hest i sentrum (1969 - Horse in the Middle). As far as I’m aware, this book has not been translated. It takes on the story of the protagonists of Wanted! A Horse!, and sees Svein take on more responsibility and learn to cope with some tough and difficult circumstances, not least of which is the paralysis of his friend Gunder after an accident on a horse.

Finding the book: reasonably easy to find.

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Babbis Friis Bastaad

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Wanted! A Horse!

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, 1972, 188 pp, illus Charles Robinson.
Trans Lise Sømme McKinnon

Originally published as Hest på ønskelisten

Svein loves horses, and starts taking lessons and working at the stables at Ligard so that he can
be near them. However, Svein is picked on by one of the boys who rides there.