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Beat the Turtle Drum

Viking Press, New York, 1976, 199 pp, illus Donna Diamond

Dell, 1979, illus Donna Diamond

Puffin, 1974, pb

Kate’s younger sister Joss has planned the holidays for months. Once she gets her birthday
money, she plans to rent a horse for a week. Prince duly arrives, but the week he’s there ends
in tragedy.

Constance Greene (1924 - ) was born in New York City and was educated at Skidmore College in the 1940s. She worked as a journalist, and started writing children’s books in the late 1960s. Al, the spiky heroine of her first book, A Girl Called Al, went on to feature in several more of her books. Her Beat the Turtle Drum was based on the author’s older sister, who died when she was just thirteen. Constance Greene’s daughter, Stephanie Greene, is also an author.

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