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Polo Boys

World Publishing Company, 1940, 244 pp

Jim and Bill change holiday from college plans when Jim learns he has been left a half interest in
one of the biggest ranches out west. Jim’s business partner, Frank Masterson, tells him he had
bought out his uncle’s share of the livestock and buildings, leaving just a half interest in the land as
Jim’s asset. Jim refuses to sell him the land, and grows more and more suspicious of Frank. Polo
is a big thing locally, and Jim and Bill join a practice session. Jim is nearly killed. Jim and Bill join
forces with other polo players with their own grievances with Masterson.

Duane Yarnell edited sports books, wrote thrillers and sporting stories, of which Polo Boys is one. It combines polo with mystery, with plenty of thrills and spills mixed in with the sporting action.

Finding the book: reasonably easy to find.  The book was not published in the UK.

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