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The Secret Cowboy
E.M. Hale and Company, New York, 1955, 155 pp, illus Charles Geer

Kirkus review

Cliff and his mother travel from Chicago to the warmer climate of Arizona while he is
recuperating from a long illness. Cliff loves horses, but has never been allowed to ride, as his
mother is afraid of them. He is delighted to find a riding stable, and makes friends with Andy,

one of the cowboys there. Cliff helps take care of the horses, and clean tack, but his mother is
adamant that he not ride. Then Andy convinces Cliff’s mother to consult the doctor, who says it
would be good for Cliff. A very happy Cliff is now able to start riding. The stable turns out to be
the best medicine there could be for Cliff.

Marjorie Rosevear has written just the one book (or at least, just the one under that name). I’ve not been able to find out anything else about the author at all, alas. Her one book is a horse story, with an anti-horse mother gradually being convinced that letting her convalescent son ride is a good thing.

Finding the book: reasonably easy to find, but pricing is variable.

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