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Richard Wormser (1908 - 1977) was a prolific writer, producing over 300 short stories, 200 novelettes and 12 books. He wrote two children’s western stories for which he won the Western Spur Award: Ride a Northbound Horse and The Black Mustanger.

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Terri Wear Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography

Richard E Wormser

Ride a Northbound Horse
William Morrow & Company, New York, 1964, 190 pp, illus Charles Gear

Scholastic, New York, 1964, pb.

Oxford University Press, London, 1964, 122 pp, illus Victor Ambrus

Oxford University Press, London, 1971 pb

Cav, 13, is heading from Alabama to Texas with his family, when Swamp Fever claims all their
lives except Cav’s. He is left with a team of oxen, a wagon, and some household goods. Having

nothing to go back to, he decides to keep heading west to Texas. He outbids a peddler for horse,
and sets off, but the peddler is still set on having the horse, and follows Cav.

Bibliography - horse books only

The Black Mustanger
William Morrow, New York, 1971, 190 pp, illus Don Bolognese

Dan’s father is recuperating from a broken leg, and Dan gets a job helping the black mustanger
Will round up a herd of wild horses.